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Cornerstone  Public Adjusting

we work for the property owner, not the insurance company.

Why You Should Involve a Public Adjuster early

Learn how insurance companies handle claims from the beginning and how a Public Adjuster can help  early  in  the  claim  process.

The Value of Hiring a Public Adjuster

At the beginning of the claim, the insurance company brings in their own team of insurance experts... and so should you. 

The value of hiring a Public Adjuster is in the results  of  higher  claim  settlements.

The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America - By (AAJ)

How insurance companies  raise  premiums,  deny  claims  and  refuse  insurance  to  those who  need it  the  most

(AAJ)  American Association for Justice undertook a comprehensiv investigation looking into thousands of SEC, FBI records, court documents and testimonies from former insurance-adjusters and agents.

Page  2:  “Commissioner  (NAIC),  ...The  bottom  line  is  that  insurance companies make  money  when they  don’t pay  claims.”