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Cornerstone  Public Adjusting

we work for the property owner, not the insurance company.


1. Contact your insurance  company and report the loss. 

2.  Protect your property from  further loss.

It is your responsibility to prevent further  damage to your property after the loss as stated in your insurance policy.

3.   Know the  facts about  Public  Adjusters and the benefits  they can  offer  early  in  the  claims  process.

FACT: Insurance companies rather have you think that you should settle the claim with their adjusters first, before seeking help from a public adjuster. But, case after case of denied claims or claims that have been unfairly under valued by the insurance companies and their adjusters is proof in its self that having your own representation during the claims process is an added value early in the claim process. Retaining a public adjuster late in the claim process may be too late. It is important to protect information during the claims process or risk lowering the value of the claim, or even worse, having your claim DENIED!


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Know Your Policy, Rights, Duties, Coverages, Exclusions and Choices

1.  It  is  a very important time to truly know your policy.   Your  policy  states   that  it  is  your  responsibility to  present  the  value  of  your  claim  within  the  duities  of  your  policy. 

2.  You essentially  have  two  choices  to  settle  your  claim  within  your  policy;  

A)  Allow  your  insurance  company  to  determine the  value  of  your  loss  and  settle  or...

B)  Present  your  value  of  loss  to  the  insurance  company,  negotiate and  settle.

Know  your  Insurance  Policy:  If  you  choose not  to  prepare  and  present  your  claim,  your policy  states  that  you  will  have  no  recourse  or   judgment  towards your  insurance  company  or  their  preferred vendors.  Your  insurance company  will be  happy  to  settle the claim at the cost-value they choose to  pay,   and again,  you will have no legal recourse  towards them or their vendors  once  the  restoration is  complete.  If  the  work  performed  by  the  insurance  company’s  preferred vendor  was  incomplete  or  poorly done  you  will  have  no  legal  path  to  hold  them  responsible.  

Health  Risk:  Homes  that  are  not  properly  restored  from  a  fire  loss  pose  great  health  risk to  those  returning  back  to  the  property.  (VOC’s )  Volitile  Organic  Compounds  are  a  very  serious  health  risk  that  must  be  considered  and  that  is  why  the  quality  of  restoration  service  is  crucial. 

Selling  Your  Home:  If  you  choose  to  sell  your  restored  home  in  the  future,  you  will  have  to  disclose  the  fire  loss  and  restoration  service during  the  sell.  If  the  restoration was  not  completed  properly,  the  value  of  the  home  could  be  dramatically reduced.

Calculate  Risk:   Lower  Cost  Restoration  Service  =  Higher  Risk  of  Improper  Restoration Repairs , “cutting  corners.”  =  Health  Risk,  Exposure  to  VOC’s  =  Lower  Resell  Value  of  Property

Reviewing your policy is a free service with Cornerstone without further obligation.

Protect Your Health

Structure fire, smoke, soot and orders are a complex mixture of toxic particles, i.e., Asbestos, lead, mold, (VOC’s) Volatile Organic Compounds... plus many more. These dangerous particles can have major heath affects.  

Before re-entering the property please consider the following;

  1. Avoid breathing and touching or handling smoke and soot affected items.
  2. Use a proper respirator with a P-100 HEPA filter, (VOC) certified, (not a dust mask)
  3. Do not allow children or pets to re-enter property with smoke or soot.
  4. Seek medical attention if you experience heath symptoms after exposure to smoke and soot.

Arrange Temporary Housing

Smoke damage, even if the fire affected only one room, can distribute highly elevated toxins throughout the structure making it uninhabitable. Cornerstone Public Adjusting can help arrange a hotel within hours